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By joining The UBN through any of these membership types, content creators gain access to The ER (The Ecosystem of Resources), a suite of tools and resources to support the development and production of their content. This unique ecosystem ensures that each member has the support needed to succeed and thrive in their creative endeavors. Click or tap to view our Value Video

1. Advertiser Onboarding

At The MoPower Agency, we empower African American and Black-owned businesses with innovative and affordable advertising solutions. Exclusively serving The UrbanFire Binge Network whose curated content is made about and viewed by the audiences you want to serve more and more of and whose reach covers the United States, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Diaspora, and the African continent, we offer dynamic radio, TV, and print advertisements, plus immersive marketing opportunities, that help your word-of-mouth efforts be heard more. Join us and empower your business today. Sign up below or book a call to get started. 

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2. Audio Podcaster Membership:

Become a part of our Audio Podcaster team to broadcast your unique voice and stories. Perfect for podcasters focusing on a wide array of topics, from culture and history to music and personal narratives. This membership offers a platform to connect with listeners who appreciate deep, engaging, and culturally relevant audio content, enriched by the diverse experiences of African Americans and people of African descent globally.

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3. Video Podcaster Membership:

Our Video Podcaster Membership is tailored for content creators who bring their stories to life through visual storytelling. Ideal for video bloggers, vloggers, and creators of web series, this membership provides a stage to showcase your visual content. Share your perspective on current events, lifestyle, arts, and more, with an audience eager for fresh, insightful visual media from voices within the African diaspora.

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4. Music Manager Membership:

The Music Manager Membership is designed for musicians, bands, beatsmiths, DJs & Remixers, music producers, music label managers, and artist managers looking to share their sound with the world. Whether your genre is Hip Hop & Rap, Afrobeat, R&B/ Neosoul/ Soul/ Funk, Reggae, Blues/ Ragtime/ Jazz, or Spiritual musical styles, this membership connects you with listeners who crave authentic and innovative music. Benefit from features like artist spotlights, music video showcases, exclusive releases, and company spotlights all aimed at amplifying the vibrant music of African and African-descended creators.

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5. TV Show Manager Membership:

Join our team of TV Show Managers to bring your television content to a wider audience. Perfect for producers of dramas, comedies, documentary series, and reality shows that reflect the diverse experiences and cultures of the African diaspora and Africa. This membership offers opportunities for your shows to be featured in prime slots, participate in special programming events, and connect with viewers who seek quality television that resonates with their lives and heritage.

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6. Filmmaker Manager Membership:

Our Filmmaker Manager Membership is for filmmakers and producers ready to showcase their cinematic works. Whether you're presenting feature films, short films, or documentaries, this membership is your gateway to a platform that values the art of storytelling. Share your vision with an audience that appreciates films highlighting African American experiences, stories from the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Diaspora, and narratives from the African continent.

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7. Book Author Membership:

Join our team of Book Authors to share your literary creations with a global audience. Whether you're an established author or an emerging voice, this service is designed to showcase your works, from novels and memoirs to poetry and non-fiction. Engage with readers through exclusive book readings, author interviews, and special features that highlight the richness of African American literature and stories from the African diaspora.

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